Reach Your Goals by Improving Your Overall Activity & Health Scores.

Sleep scores

Sleep scores will help you improve the quality of your sleep.

Activity scores

Activity scores will help you maintain your overall fitness.

Personal health scores

Personal health scores will help you improve your overall wellness.

Hydration scores

Hydration scores will help you maintain your daily well-being.

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Learn Your Vital Health Scores & Manage Your Well-Being Better

Learn Your Vital Health Scores

Our Wellness Application Is for Everyone

Wellness Application

Parents & Kids

Parents can take charge & improve the health & well-being of the youngest members in the family.



Activity & health trackers enable seniors to manage chronic illness and their health a lot better.

Women's Health

Women’s Health

The right time for women to take their health & well-being in their own hands is right now.

HR corporates


Improve your workforce’s health & well-being, increase productivity, & save on healthcare costs.

Wellness Professionals

Wellness Professionals

Access audience/valuable client data, earn monetary rewards, & dynamically grow your practice.

Less than 70% of the Big Brands' Cost Offering the most comprehensive sensors for activity & health.

A few reasons why you should choose us for your health & wellness journey

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    Comprehensive analytics of all your key activity & health metrics.
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    FREE wellness application with options for premium plans starting at $4.99 per month.
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    Daily, weekly, & monthly activity & health scores to gauge your progress.
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    Improve your well-being with better education, guidance, and practice.
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    Affordable prices for the latest in sensor and smartwatch technology.
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    Access content from industry experts and wellness professionals, and a lot more.
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    FREE Smartwatch with latest health sensors annually with premium plans.
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Our Wellness Application is Compatible with Popular Smartwatches Brands

  • ingeni digital health
  • garmin
  • fitbit
  • samsung
  • oura
  • withings
  • google fit
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Set Customizable Goals, Learn to Become Your Own Coach, & Earn Rewards!

We place a high value on self-improvement through education and personal insights. Accordingly, our wellness application is designed to help you help yourself in the best possible way. Think about your goals through a broader lens, learn better from professionals, and earn long-term rewards.

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Works Better with Your Peers

Works Better with Your Peers

The drive & motivation that naturally come when working with peer groups is highly underrated. Also, some healthy competition is always good for your growth.

your data is always safe with us

We follow a strict policy of never sharing your data with any third-party businesses or organizations. Your data security is always our priority. your activity, health and all other associated data are only available & seen by you. Hovever, We may use some of your data to provide you with Ingeni’s most relevant content, products, & services.

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