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Introduction One of the most widely known and occurring detriments to work productivity is the afternoon slump. The Monday blues only occur once a week, afternoon slumps can get you on any day of the

Sleep and stress are interconnected. Stress could lead to poor sleep quality, while not getting enough sleep could cause stress. The state of Sleep in American Adults According to Centres for Dise

For burning fat and staying fit, we all have a notion in mind that one should spend long hours at the gym and do intense, rigorous and painful exercises. What if you get the same benefits of rigorous

Childhood obesity is prevailing at a fast pace in America. According to a report by CDC, in the years 2017-12018, the obesity rate was 19.3% among kids and adolescents which means the count was nearly

Introduction Learning about your heart rate can save you from many unpleasant health and well-being-related surprises in the future. Your overall capacity in life is largely determined by the conditi

Workout plays an important role in our fitness, and if we do not take proper rest or do not give time to our muscles to recover, we will get no benefit from the workout. After all, we do not get fitte

Introduction The heart and its functions are extensive subjects of discussion across various departments in science. As we move forward, we tend to learn newer ways through which it helps us in maint

Introduction Today, a lot more people are choosing to take the responsibility of their health & wellness in their own hands. Although this certainly is a good thing, sooner or later, they all rea

Most of the time of our day, we spend at workplace. Therefore, it becomes of utmost importance to maintain a healthy work environment.  American Psychological Association's statistics have shown



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