Here’s How Your Afternoon Fatigue and Dehydration May Be Linked

Here’s How Your Afternoon Fatigue and Dehydration May Be Linked


One of the most widely known and occurring detriments to work productivity is the afternoon slump. The Monday blues only occur once a week, afternoon slumps can get you on any day of the week, no matter even it’s a weekend.

Although there can be various reasons why you may be experiencing afternoon fatigue or slump, dehydration – not getting enough water – is one of the biggest and most underrated causes of it. And this is not an inference, it’s a well-researched scientific fact.

In this blog, we will see if dehydration can cause fatigue, how fatigue can negatively affect your life, and some tips to avoid dehydration and your afternoon slump.

Can Dehydration Cause Fatigue?

Yes, it can. In fact, dehydration is one of the leading causes of fatigue in adults. To understand this, we must know what dehydration exactly is. Dehydration is the absence of fluids or water in the body. Now, water and other fluids play the role in transporting various nutrients and other important substances like glycogen throughout the body.

When there is an insufficiency or reduction in the levels of water within the body, it is not able to carry out its vital function of transporting essential substances so various parts of it can function as a whole. This slows down the rate at which different parts of the body receive their energy and goods. Water also plays the role of purifying your internal environment by clearing excessive toxicity and waste material from the body.

Thus, without enough fluids or water, the internal environment is not able to function optimally to provide the body with the energy it needs to sustain or thrive.

Here’s How Can Fatigue (Negatively) Affect Your Life

Some Tips to Avoid Dehydration and the Afternoon Slump

To Conclude

Water is officially the most essential nutrient we need. Without it, no living being can survive or thrive. Our bodies require it to function on a daily basis. It is through water that it is able to maintain a working mechanism to propel energy and life.

Take drinking water seriously because it if often a lack of it that causes several problems in our daily life. Insufficiency in water levels affects our overall physiological in ways we may not even realize. But, by just consuming adequate amounts of water in our system, we avoid such situations.